Physical Examination in San Antonio, TX

Many sports, special occasions, and even college entrance exams require you to get a physical. Here at Alamo City Urgent Care, we offer this service to all women, men, and children in the San Antonio area.  By choosing Alamo City Urgent Care as the facility of choice for your physicals, you will ensure that you receive the highest quality of care in one of the newest state-of-the-art facilities in San Antonio. The next time you or someone you know needs a physical, make sure you schedule your appointment by phone or visit us for a walk-in appointment today.

Most people feel frightened when they hear the word physical, but it is simply a health evaluation to screen for the most common medical issues. At Alamo City Urgent Care, your doctor will give you the documentation that your organization has requested for the exam. The exams are much like exams you have had in the past from your primary physician.

The Reasons for a Physical Will Vary, but Could Include these Below:

  • Heading off to college
  • A child going to a new school or camp
  • Starting a new job
  • Getting ready to travel internationally
  • Beginning an athletic season

During your visit to Alamo City Urgent Care, the doctor will collect information about your health history and look at your vaccination records. If you have any specific concerns, please disclose them to your physician. From there, a basic screening test will be conducted to gather other health data that include height, weight, reflexes, blood pressure, temperature, lung function, heart rate, and so on.

A more detailed screening may follow, depending on the reasons for getting a physical. Some physicals are much more involved than others. For example; a physical for your child playing youth softball could be entirely different from a required physical to start a new position in the government, police department, or national guard.

The best way to prepare for your physical exam is to have all the documents you might need regarding your health history. This could be something like your vaccination records, which may be found in more than one document. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for your physician to perform the physical and accurately assess your health. If and when you need a physical, the team at Alamo City Urgent Care is here to help.

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