Membership Program




Alamo City Urgent Care is passionate about helping the community and want to help people that may not have insurance or have high deductible insurance plans. ACUC got creative and started thinking outside the box! While Urgent Cares can take care of 93% of patients that frequent the ER, most people have no clue about it. Not only are they more affordable, but Alamo City Urgent Care has much lower wait times. From flu, strep, and mono to stitches, burns, and x-rays, they got you covered! Although this IS NOT AN INSURANCE, it helps people that need something with the rising cost of healthcare. Membership, it has its perks!

ACUC is excited to introduce you to the new Tiered Membership Program by Alamo City Urgent Care! Now you have options for your healthcare, and it’s geared to fit a variety of individuals. Since not every patient is alike, there is something for everyone. Below are a few things to know about the NEW program.

  • All Memberships have a discount rate, different at each Tier level.
  • All Memberships have a 6 Month commitment (except Prepaid)
  • Automatic deduction each month from your checking/savings account.
  • Memberships DO NOT include Well Visit Program (Weight Loss Program/Vaccines/Physicals)
  • Cancelations are done by emailing 5 days prior to due date.