Wellness Visits in San Antonio, TX

Most people will never make an appointment to have a wellness visit. However, taking the time for one could save your life or prolong it for several years. These visits give you and your doctor important medical information about you to reveal your health overall.

They may notice a lump in your breast or testicles that you had not noticed. They may identify enlarged lymph nodes that you had not realized were there. Your blood work may tell them that you have diabetes or high cholesterol.

Your Doctor Will Gather Some Information During Wellness Visits:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hearing
  • Reflexes
  • Blood pressure
  • Eyesight
  • Lungs and heart function

If your physician notices any signs of declining health or a new illness, he will conduct tests that are indicated. If you have a copy of your medical record, it is essential to bring it with you to your first wellness check here at Alamo City Urgent Care. The information contained in the document will give your team help as they conduct your wellness check.

If you do not have a medical record, we will start building that personal health record from the ground up by using the information we gather at your first visit.

When you come back for annual wellness visits, your doctor will collect more data and will include this information in your record. Over the years, your medical history will become an appreciated resource that you can utilize if you ever move to a new area or change physicians. If you have a preexisting medical condition, an annual wellness visit is essential. While you are at your appointment, you will need to cover your health history and your list of current medications. The doctor will monitor your condition(s) and give you helpful tips to maintain or improve your health.

Changing your lifestyle can move improve so many common health problems including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Be open and discuss any concerns you might have during your appointment. The Alamo City Urgent Care has a network of professional specialists. If you need specialized medical care, your doctor has the ability to tap into that network to find you the right one to assist with your issue.

Schedule your wellness visit now at Alamo City Urgent Care.

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