Strain and Sprain Treatment in San Antonio, TX

Often when a patient has suffered a strain or sprain, they cannot distinguish the pain from that of breaking a bone. The difference between the two depends on which body part has been affected. If you have a strain, it is a stretched tendon or a torn muscle. Your tendons are those connective tissues that are holding your muscles to your bones. A sprain, however, involves a ligament that has been torn or stretched. Ligaments are the tough connective tissue that holds your bones together. Both strains and sprains can cause swelling and pain in the area that has been affected.

Sprains can cause you to develop limited joint mobility and bruising. There typically will be a popping sound along with a popping sensation when the injury happens. Strains can also cause you to have a limited range of motion and muscle spasms.

There are many circumstances that can cause a strain or sprain:

  • Running
  • Throwing
  • Jumping
  • Improper lifting technique
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Falling
  • Sports injuries

Fatigue can be a significant factor for obtaining a strain or sprain, as being tired can cause accidental slips or falls.

There are some cases where it can be treated at home if you follow these instructions:
  • Rest the injured area
  • Ice the injured area
  • Elevate the injured area if possible
  • Use over the counter pain medications

There are other times that the tissue is damaged more extensively and needs further medical attention.

Visit Alamo City Urgent Care if you experience any of these symptoms following a sprain or strain:

  • Numbness in the injured area
  • Unable to walk without severe pain
  • Cannot move the joint that is affected

Before the doctor decides on any treatment, he will evaluate the injured area and review your overall health.  He will also ask questions about your general health, health history, what happened before the incident, and about any medications that you are currently taking.

By performing your physical exam, it helps your doctor diagnose the problem. Diagnosing is all dependent upon your injury, and the diagnostic imaging, which gives them a deeper look into the injury. Alamo City Urgent Care has radiology services on site.

The physician working with you might give you a compression device; a specialized medical brace for immobilizing the injured area and give you some medications. If there is severe damage to the tissue around the injured site, it may require surgery to restore proper functioning in the area of injury.

Come to Alamo City Urgent Care to be evaluated for your strain or sprain. If your injury is beyond what we can offer to make you well, we will provide transportation to a facility that is equipped to handle the needs your injury requires.

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