Tips for Taking Your Blood Pressure Plus a Giveaway!

Monitoring your blood pressure is extremely important. Knowing your blood pressure helps control it and lower it. Many individuals that must measure their blood pressure get measurements taken at the doctor’s office. However, being in a hospital near you can cause elevated blood pressure due to nervousness. This often occurs in patients, so repeat readings must be taken to ensure the patient is not actually experiencing hypertension.

By getting a home blood pressure monitor you can decrease the number of visits to an urgent care near me. You can get an accurate blood pressure reading at an Alamo City urgent care in San Antonio, but if you prefer to do so at home here are some tips to make the process easier and more efficient.

  • Get at least 5 minutes of rest before taking your blood pressure.
  • Avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol, or exercising at least 30 minutes before taking your blood pressure.
  • Sit in the chair with your back straight and make sure you are supported. Feet should be flat on the floor and not crossed.
  • Hold your arm at the level of your heart supported by a flat surface.
  • The cuff should be the correct size so that it does not give a false blood pressure reading.
  • Blood pressure should not be taken over items of clothing.
  • Measure your blood pressure at the same time each day.
  • Be sure to take multiple readings to get a more accurate picture of your blood pressure.

If you think your reading is too high, measure your blood pressure two more times with a few minutes of rest in between measuring. Alamo City urgent care suggests that you repeat readings even if the number does not seem abnormal to make sure you get the correct result for your records.


One reader will win a portable blood pressure monitor by entering the giveaway contest below. You can track your numbers with ease and know the status of your health in a matter of seconds. Take control of your blood pressure once and for all with a blood pressure monitor for your home.