Is Paracetamol a cure to all kind of fevers?

What is fever?

When body attempts to kill the germs, it raises the body temperature. With infection, the body temperature can increase. When body has viruses that are heat resistant, the temperature goes beyond and such fever cannot be treated with Paracetamol.

Why do we try to control fever?

The biochemical process and functions of body can perform well at normal temperature which is known as optimum temperature and thus it is important to maintain body temperature. Children may get equally prone to fever and in such cases, necessary medication for infection will be suggested by Alamo City Urgent Care.

Is there any downside of actively controlling fever?

Yes, actively controlling the fever may lead to suppress the overall body mechanism. This is the reason why heavy doses of fever control medications like paracetamol must be avoided. In case of kids, paracetamol must only be suggested after proper examination.

What is the danger of getting liver failure from paracetamol use during fever?

Overdose of paracetamol must strictly be stopped because this may damage the liver function. Paracetamol must only be used for viral infection in which it could actually work.

What are the medications that contain paracetamol in combination with some other medication?

Some medication used for swelling and pain treatment may contain paracetamol. Doctors at Alamo City Urgent Care can suggest Ibuprofen and Diclofenac.

Fixed dose combination medications can be very confusing!

Yes, sometimes they may be and this is the reason why doctors do not suggest fixed dose combination.

So what to do if fever is not controlled with paracetamol?

When there is no control in fever after 6 hours of paracetamol, it is better to consult an expert doctor for necessary medication. He may suggest better medications for issues like dengue etc. Often Ibuprofen is the best medication which is suggested.

So is it important to check the composition of the tablet or syrup?

Yes, it is important to check the composition of the tablet that you are taking. You may consult your pharmacist for knowing the composition. You may also consult expert at Alamo City Urgent Care.