Why You Need Annual Wellness Visits

Did you know you can prevent lifestyle disease and conditions if you visit a wellness checkup annually? According to research, 100,000 Americans can avoid death if they receive an annual medical checkup. Furthermore, according to Cancer.org, early screening is crucial to cancer detection and recovery.

However, only less than 50% of seniors aged 65 years and over in America visit their physician for a wellness checkup.

Why do healthcare professionals insist on annual wellness visits? Well, because the tests help to discover health issues before they begin, and this increases the chances of recovery.

What Screenings Are Recommended?

When you visit our clinic, we will gather information such as height, weight, blood pressure, eyesight, reflexes, lungs, and heart function.

However, CDC also recommends tests like breast and cervical cancer screening, cholesterol levels, oral health for adults, skin, prostate, and colorectal cancer screening.

Annual wellness checkups are meant for all people, but they are beneficial for;

  • People above 65 years
  • History of smoking and excessive alcohol intake
  • People suffering from a chronic health condition
  • Those with a family history of lifestyle conditions.

How to Get the Most out of Your Checkup?

Before you come to the doctor, you need to do these three things;

  • Check your medical historyThis includes reviewing your family’s medical history. Check if any of your relatives have experienced any new condition since your last wellness visit.
    Remember, some of the lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart and cardiovascular diseases among others run in families, and it is important to share this information with the doctors for preventive care. Moreover, our physician will examine you based on your family history.
  • Confirm any screening and vaccinations that are dueHave you had a recommended vaccination or screening done based on your age, family history, and general health? Confirm this information with your physician.
  • Have all the necessary information

Write down all the issues that might have changed since your last health assessment.

  • Did you have anybody and skin changes like black spots or rashes?
  • What are your current eating habits, and has it changed since your last assessment?
  • Have you or are you experiencing depression, sleeping problems, or anxiety?
  • Have you lost or gained weight?
  • Did you undergo any fever treatment or weight loss programs?

During the Visit

Be honest with your doctor, as withholding any information whether you think it’s relevant or not can hurt your overall wellness. Don’t be afraid or get embarrassed with the contents you have to share—chances are the doctor has heard them already.

Additionally, pay attention to what your doctor says and write down any recommendations or plans that you discuss with them.

What to Expect

Your doctor will do a clinical history which will include;

  • Dates of your previous tests and their results such as immunizations, pap tests, blood pressure readings, etc.
  • Complete family history will give your doctor an idea of what conditions are common in your family
  • Your habits and drug use like alcohol
  • The eating and sleeping habits, urination and bowel movements

The doctor will also check your body composition and vitals to gauge your health status

Benefits of Annual Wellness costs

Visiting the doctor for your annual checkup offers great benefits;

  • Lower health costs. Regular wellness screening will cut down the costs. According to research, most Americans don’t have annual checkups because of the cost, but the long term effect of managing a condition will be more expensive.
  • checkups mitigate a potential health problem before it becomes severe, and sometime it may prevent surgery, which will save money
  • Identifies any stress-related conditions. Depression and anxiety attacks are on the rise and detecting any trends or risks can prevent mental deterioration.
  • some diseases are worsened by stress such as hypertension, weight gain, depression, peptic ulcers, and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Keeps you healthy and vibrant. When you have clean bill health, it makes you relax, and become more productive.

Make an Appointment

As aforementioned, wellness checkup offers significant benefits. However, the success of these checkups will depend on the physician experience. It is therefore important to choose a qualified doctor. At Alamo City Urgent Care, we have a caring medical team that will ensure that all the important body vitals are checked.