What Services Do San Antonio Urgent Care Facilities Offer?

Are you wondering what services San Antonio urgent care facilities offer?  If you’ve experienced an accident, you’ll likely want immediate care – which is where urgent care can help. We’ll cover some common reasons patients seek urgent care and the services they receive.

Urgent Care Services: Strains and Sprains

Minor injuries like strains, sprains, and suspected broken bones make up a significant portion of urgent care visits. Such visits are especially common among kids, DIYers, and weekend warriors who regularly engage in activities with a high likelihood of injury. 

Upper Respiratory Infections

Persistent coughing is often a symptom of upper respiratory infections like pneumonia or bronchitis. Clinicians at any urgent care center will be able to diagnose the underlying respiratory condition and prescribe appropriate treatments. 

Flu Testing

Flu seasons significantly increase the urgent care San Antonio folks need. This is due to conditions like flu, pneumonia, seasonal allergies, and sinusitis. In most cases, flu testing involves providing a sample through a nostril or throat swab. This may feel uncomfortable and cause a gagging sensation, but it is only momentary.

Strep Testing

These tests are usually done on children who exhibit strep throat infection without the usual symptoms of a typical virus infection. A throat swab can determine if a viral infection or strep throat is causing symptoms like a sore throat.

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