Beware: The Common Cold Can Lead to Hearing Problems

Have you ever had ear pain for several days? Are you wondering whether or not it’s something that you can continue to ignore? The quick answer is that it should not be ignored. Why? Because the pain you are feeling is your body trying to tell you that there may be an infection that needs treatment to prevent possible hearing loss and scarring to your eardrum.

Some of the Symptoms You Should Never Ignore When You Have a Cold

It’s very common for everyone to feel stuffy in their nose, ears, head, and chest when they’re experiencing cold symptoms – especially if they’re using a decongestant. But if you experience pain or a discharge from your ear, urgent care in San Antonio should be sought sooner rather than later since these are signs that your cold is moving in the wrong direction! And when that happens, injury to your eardrum or cilia can result in other health problems.

How Loss of Hearing Can Harm Your Overall Health

It’s alarming but true. In a recent study conducted at Johns Hopkins, results indicated that hearing loss could raise an individual’s probability of needing hospitalization by 50 percent! Along with that, the study revealed that the likelihood of being readmitted also increased in patients who have hearing loss. Additional concerns include loss of cognitive ability, depression, and an increase in accidents requiring emergency care from facilities such as Alamo City Urgent Care.

Why Wait for an Accident to Make Things Worse?

If you’re concerned about a cold that doesn’t seem to be headed in the right direction, time can be an important commodity to your long-term health. Instead of not being able to hear a siren when you’re driving – and possibly becoming involved in an automobile accident because of your compromised hearing – why not seek emergency treatment for your cold symptoms today?

Your Time Matters

Time is important to everyone, especially when you’re not feeling well. That’s why choosing urgent care or emergency treatment in San Antonio is preferred over the regularly scheduled appointment with primary care physicians – especially since they are not typically available 24/7 like the doctors at Alamo City Urgent Care.