Flu/Strep Testing in San Antonio, TX

A cough, sore throat, fever, chills, runny nose, fatigue, or body aches, could mean you have the flu. The flu is initiated by a virus, and usually occurs during the cold winter months due to the fact people stay indoors and breathe the flu-riddled air of each other.

Rapid flu tests, or RIDTs, can give you results in about 15 minutes.  RIDTs work by detecting antigens, which start your body’s immune systems response to the invasion of the flu virus.

Another flu test, the rapid molecular assay, works by finding the flu viruses genetic material. Depending on your case, you and the doctor will decide which method to use is best for you. Flu and strep testing are the best way for a quick, accurate diagnosis.

Strep Throat

If you have strep throat, it usually causes terrible pain in the upper part of your throat that is most noticeable when you try to swallow. You will most likely see little to medium white bumps on the back of your throat, along with chills and fever. Some children might not show symptoms of a sore throat but complain of severe abdominal pain. However, this sometimes can be linked to strep throat.

There is a quick way to define if you have strep throat: the rapid antigen strep test. It requires a swab sample from the back of your throat. After, it is processed through the antigen-antibody method. If no antigens are present, a culture will typically be the next action taken.

To perform a throat culture, they use a cotton swab to swab your tonsils and the back of your throat. The lab usually takes 48-72 hours to receive your test results.

If you think you are suffering from either strep throat or the flu, see us at Alamo City Urgent Care, LLC. Call or stop by to be checked out today.

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