Obesity- Causes And Prevention

Obesity goes beyond the food we take in. Diet plays a huge role in influencing weight but obesity is known to be a result of many factors acting in varying combinations. One’s genes, environment, diet, and activity levels all act in concert to influence weight. Enrolling in a weight loss program at urgent care near you is a great idea if you want to shed some fat. In this article, we will discuss all obesity entails.

Obesity refers to a Body Mass Index(BMI) greater than 30. To calculate your BMI, you need to measure your height and weight. Divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared to get your BMI. You can also divide the weight in pounds by your height in inches squared. You have to multiply this one by 703. Alternately, you can get your BMI when you go for wellness visits at an urgent care clinic in San Antonio. BMI provides a dependable measure of body fat in most cases. Sometimes, people may have normal body fat with a BMI over 30. This occurs in muscular athletes.

If you have concerns about your weight, seek urgent care in 78227. Your doctor can evaluate your health status with you and advise you on the next step. Let’s see the factors that lead to obesity.

Causes/Risk Factors

Ideally, obesity occurs because calorie intake is more than calorie loss. The main avenue for calorie intake is our diet. We lose calories during our normal daily activities and exercise. This is why enrolling in a weight loss program at an urgent care clinic is advised. When we take in food high in calories and lead a sedentary lifestyle, it leads to excess calories. The body stores excess calories as fat. However, certain risk factors may increase the risk of obesity. Let’s see what they are.

Genetics plays a role. Obesity runs in families. The amount of body fat your body stores and where it stores them is a reflection of your genes. Genetics also affects how your body converts food to energy. It affects how your body regulated your appetite and how you burn calories while exercising. This part of things is beyond our control. It is referred to as a non-modifiable risk factor. We can only act on others that can be modified.

Lifestyle choices are another risk factor. This is fully within our control. Our lifestyle choices include our choice of food, drinks, and activity levels. A high-calorie diet puts you at risk of obesity if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Your diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables for a change. High-calorie drinks like sugared soft drinks can lead to excess body fat.  Obesity becomes an issue as a result. Your activity levels determine how many calories you lose. If you spend your office hours sitting and staring at a computer screen all day, your activity levels are low. You need to get up and move more.

Certain diseases increase the risk of obesity. These include the Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing syndrome, and arthritis(due to reduced activity). The same goes for some medication. These include antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, diabetes medications, antipsychotic medications, steroids, and beta-blockers.

Although obesity can occur at any age, aging will likely lead to a less active lifestyle. There are also many hormonal changes associated with aging. Muscle mass also decreases. All these can increase the risk of obesity. Hence, you need to watch your diet and engage in more physical activity as you age.

Other factors include pregnancy, smoking, poor sleep, and stress.


Weight loss is key to preventing excess body fat. This is why a weight loss program at an urgent care clinic is good for you. Every week, you need 3-5 hours of exercising to prevent obesity. Your diet should include low-calorie foods mainly. These are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Limit sweets, snacking, and alcohol. Monitor your weight regularly. You can do this during wellness visits at an urgent care clinic in San Antonio.