Flu Test : How to Find the Virus

Your doctors will need to diagnose you if you suspect that you have the flu. Symptoms are often noticeable, especially during the peak season for the spread of the flu. Your medical professional at Alamo City Urgent Care may also suggest a flu test to make sure that influenza is what is causing your illness instead of some other health issue.

Why Do You Need It?

Your doctor will give you antibiotics upon diagnosis of the flu, when they are more effective. By getting early treatment, you can experience relief from symptoms and shorten the amount of time you spend sick. Without a diagnosis, you may feel symptoms much longer and medication will not be as effective at relieving symptoms.

How Does the Test Work?

Your Alamo City Urgent Care professional will use a swab to take a sample of the tissues in your nose or in the back of your throat. The swab will be tested, and you can know quickly if you have the flu or if it is some other illness.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

Once your swab has been taken, test results will generally be produced within 15 minutes. Getting a flu test is a quick procedure that produces fast results.

What Does A Test Look For?

The test your doctor gives you will look for the flu virus or certain strains of the virus, such as influenza A or influenza B.

Are All Tests the Same?

Not every flu test is the same. This depends on the maker of the test as well as several other factors, including how big of a sample is needed and how the particular flu test works. For the best results, seek a test from a qualified clinician at our Alamo City Urgent Care near you.

If you’re concerned about your health and suspect you may be coming down with the flu, seek immediate treatment at a medical clinic to receive antibiotics to shorten the illness and be assured that it is not some other illness causing your symptoms. No appointment is necessary – if you feel as though you need to be seen by a doctor, visit a location near you.