Can I Get an X-Ray at an Urgent Care Facility?

When a doctor orders an x-ray, most people feel that the obvious choice is to go to a hospital to do it. However, sometimes, the nearest hospital may be too far away, busy, expensive, or any number of other things. The good news is that the x-ray urgent care facilities will do for you is as good as the one you’ll get at a hospital. Here’s what you need to know about getting an urgent care x-ray:

What to Expect When Receiving an X-Ray

Going in for an x-ray at urgent care facilities involves just about the same process as getting an x-ray anywhere else. You’ll likely have to remove your clothes over the area to be looked at, and you’ll have to remain very still during the quick and painless imaging process. Afterward, the x-ray technician will send the images to your doctor for analysis. Your doctor will then tell you the results.

What is the Cost of an X-Ray?

The cost of getting an x-ray at urgent care facilities can vary between locations and circumstances just as much as it may at hospitals. Generally, the cost of getting an x-ray done at an urgent care facility is much lower than at hospitals.

When You Should Visit an Urgent Care Facility for an X-Ray?

You should only get an x-ray on your doctor’s order so that it will be covered by insurance and when you’re certain it’s necessary. Whenever you need an x-ray taken, take some time to do a little research. It’s best to check with your local urgent care clinic first, as they will often be faster and cheaper than a hospital visit.

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