You Can Get Stitches for Cuts at an Urgent Care

When a serious cut occurs, it can be quite unexpected and lead to panic. Often, the question asked at Alamo City Urgent Care is whether or not stitches are needed or if a bandage will be enough. It’s essential that you know when a cut needs urgent care and possibly stitches from a medical professional.

When do I need stitches?

A deep cut needs stitches to keep it from getting infected and to help it heal properly. Patients should recognize when to get emergency care from a medical expert at an urgent care facility. Let’s go over some situations where stitches are required and should be applied immediately.

If bone, tissue, or muscle is clearly visible…

Even if you do not experience severe bleeding, you may need immediate attention if you can see any bone, muscles, or tissues of the body. This is a sign that the cut is severe and needs stitches to heal the way it should and avoid complications.

If the cut is located on your face…

If there is a cut on your face, the safest thing to do is to go to a doctor or urgent care and get assessed. Due to how tender the skin is, the face may need stitches to ensure that the cut can heal.

If a person or an animal caused the cut…

There is a higher chance of an infection developing if an animal or another person is what caused the cut. It should be checked by someone in the medical field to make sure that it is clean. Keeping the wound clean is an important part of the healing process and avoiding bacteria causing issues with your health.

Getting stitches is a straightforward procedure.

Even though it may feel major, getting stitches is not a major procedure. People may assume that going to the emergency room is the right choice, but an urgent care center can provide excellent treatment without the high costs.